Tuesday, October 25, 2011


The LAB 2 week was great. The theme was western, so most of the staff wore western clothes, and handed out sheriff badge stickers to better represent the theme. This week’s assessment was on running, galloping and hopping. I must say that the gym game group chose great games for assessment because it was easy for the assessment to be done, and all the kids were having fun. The games that involve quick starting-stopping are very popular with the kids, but it also helps the kids improve their reflexes and balance through muscle control. I must say that I was very comfortable with the younger kids this week. By attending these labs, I am building, confidence, understanding, as well as a deeper appreciation for the field of my future profession. I know that I will not only be a teacher, for I will also be a mentor, role-model, and possibly a motivator for children to excel in not only physical education, but in life.

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